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Empower yourself with a Board Certified Patient Advocate &

Certified Senior Advisor®

Focus on living your life not the stresses of aging. The support you need is only a call away.  Kathy offers an initial free consultation.  Pricing and discounted packages depend on the services required and will be provided after the consultation.

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If you or loved one are dealing with a serious health condition, or the health challenges of aging, navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming and time consuming during this vulnerable time.  As your Patient Advocate, I help you manage your case and get the results you need. Engage a passionate, results oriented professional to obtain the best possible care for you or a loved one.


Sleep better at night knowing a certified professional has you or your loved one's best interest in mind and at heart.  Life at times presents us all with obstacles that require a helping hand - an advocate.  Someone that helps elevate the quality of life by offering personal support in three core areas:

Health Care
Home Care Assistance & Logistics

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Kathy is wonderful. She will stop at nothing to make sure your loved one is taken care of and treat you and your family as her own. She is so knowledgeable and communicates in ways everyone can understand. I am so grateful to have worked with Kathy and anyone would be so lucky to have her!

Katie B


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Company is a professional, private patient advocacy business. The Services that Company provides are NOT payable/reimbursable by Client’s health insurance company. Client must pay to Company the Company’s fees upfront without any expectation of reimbursement of such fees from any third party.  The Company is NOT providing Client with medical advice, legal advice, or professional advice of any kind. Client shall seek medical advice from one or more duly licensed physicians before making any decision related to medical care. Client should seek legal advice from one or more duly licensed attorneys before making any decision related to legal matters. Company provides general information, logistical support, guidance, and emotional support, but does NOT provide legal advice, medical advice, or professional advice of any kind. Client acknowledges that any decision must be made by Client and/or Client’s representatives, and NOT by Company. Client agrees to hold the Company harmless from any decision or action that Client makes in connection with or as a result of any information Client receives from Company, Company’s website, or any other Company promotional materials.

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