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I sincerely appreciate your help and taking the time to speak with me as well as seeking out connections.


I wish there were more people in the world like you. I hope others are able to benefit form you services  and find the help they need!                        Danielle A.

I would certainly refer anyone in Long Island to you in a heartbeat, so it's really good to know you are there.   Thank you!


                                                                                                                  Emily S. DNP, RN

Kathy Quinn is an amazing Patient Advocate. She kept in contact with me daily and tried her hardest to help my situation at the time. I would not hesitate to call her again if needed.                                                                                Joanne B.

Thank you for your fantastic help and support.   You have been an amazing resource!                                                                                           

                                                                                                                     Barbara H.

Kathy Quinn is one of those rare and precious medical providers who is incredibly competent, consummately professional and also really caring. She goes above and beyond to help, has a fantastic network of contacts and professional knowledge, and is a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough. She has been case manager for my 96 year old dad for years.                                         Susan H.

I could never have gotten my dad out of the nursing home as quickly as I did without Kathy’s help! Her assistance to myself and my family was invaluable! I would recommend her in a minute for anyone trying to traverse the complicated process of transition and home care for their loved ones. Forever grateful!                Karen K.

My husband and I needed help in assessing the local medical situation--doctors, hospital, in-home nursing care, etc. Kathy Quinn gave us that help…and more. She followed up on our consultation by checking out doctors and care alternatives, then she sent us suggestions. She is an excellent patient advocate and we recommend her wholeheartedly.

      Kathy M.

You are awesome!!! ❤ You've done so much to make life bearable for Dad over the last few months, and our family is indebted to you.

John M.

Kathy Quinn acts as a patient advocate for my mother and has made the process of trying to get her the best care possible so much easier on my mother and I. She not only has vast knowledge of this area of work, but she has her heart in it as well. It is thanks to a Kathy that I am much more informed about the steps I can take to help my mom, and having someone advocate for her has given us both great piece of mind. I highly recommend that anyone who is seeking outside help with caring for a loved one reaches out to Kathy. You won't find anyone better!

Jaime D.

I have personally seen Kathy be dedicated and tireless in overseeing the treatment of someone in her care. She has educated herself regarding the intricacies of elder care and continues to do so. She was a great asset at a difficult time.

Colleen N.

When I was in desperate need of some guidance with my loved ones care, Kathy was a shining light! She left no stone unturned as we navigated through countless roadblocks to get the best care for my sister. At times it was so overwhelming, but Kathy was calmly there by my side. She has a warm caring way about her, not only toward me and my family members, but toward the staff and doctors who cared for my sister. Kathy was more than an advocate, she became a friend. I couldn't have kept my sanity through it all if it wasn't for her.

Nancy B.

I have the privilege of knowing Kathy for over 20 years both professionally and personally. As a leader Kathy brings so many qualities to the team: Integrity, Trustworthy, Professional, Passionate, Caring, Excellent Communicator, and Results Driven. As a friend she is a treasure. She is always there to listen, offer her guidance, lift your spirits and make you laugh. I admire Kathy for following her dream to help others and make a difference. I guarantee you that having Kathy as your Trusted Advisor you will get the results you need.

Terry T.

Kathy has been a mentor and good friend for over ten years.  She is truly a person who cares about people and makes it her mission to help others through any situation.  Recently, I struggled to find the right healthcare coverage for my family.  With so many different options and healthcare costs on the rise, I was completely overwhelmed.  Kathy was able to put me at ease, with her calming demeanor and uplifting sense of humor.  She gained an understanding of my family’s needs and helped guide me though the entire process.  She provided me with a simple, easy to follow overview of my family’s options and made it so easy to make the right choice.  I would definitely reach out to her again, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a passionate, results-oriented Patient Advocate.


I worked with Kathy for over 10 years. Not only was she a great boss and mentor, but she is also a great friend. I have suffered from chronic inflammation for over 35 years due to having Ulcerative Colitis. Kathy research and provided to me a comprehensive report on my disease and foods I could incorporate into my diet to help reduce my inflammation. I am happy to say that based on her recommendations and my latest test results that my inflammation is improving and I feel better and better each day. Thank you Kathy for all your help and support.

Jared V

Over the past year, I have watched as Kathy helped a patient at the Medford Multicare Center navigate the complex and fragmented health care system. By using her extensive knowledge, Kathy was able to help the patient and her family immensely. She improved their experience significantly. Illness is a stressful time for a patient and their families, Kathy's expertise as a trusted, professional advocate who can look out the the patient's best interests is priceless. I highly recommend Kathy.

Jacqueline M

I have known Kathy for almost 10 years in a professional capacity as well as personally. She is an extremely intelligent woman who stands up for what she believes in. She is a great listener and knows how to ask the right questions in order to get to the root cause of an issue. By doing her own research based on symptoms and diagnoses, Kathy has been able to help out her family and friends in many medical capacities. I have asked for Kathy’s advice in many situations, and she always provides thoughtful feedback. There is no doubt she is an excellent patient advocate and will go above and beyond for her clients.

Laura Tattoli

I had the pleasure of working for Kathy in my last job. She was such an easy going person who is always respectful and considerate. She genuinely cares about everyone she interacts with. Whenever I went to her with a problem which I did many times, she always made time to talk, put me at ease and gave me feedback. If she didn’t have an answer, she researched until she found one and she’s usually correct. She’s given me guidance on many occasions getting through some tight spots. She says the funniest things sometimes which just makes your day. She has the perfect qualities to be a great Patient Advocate for anyone.


Kathy and I were colleagues at a large organization for many years. Kathy is truly a people person and will always go the extra mile to help someone. She is able to juggle complex issues and do in depth research to figure out any complicated problem. She was a valuable resource for me in so many different aspects. I have no doubt that she will be a fantastic patient advocate!

Lynn C. Moodhe

I have been fortunate enough to know Kathy, both professionally and personally, for about 20 years. Early in my career, I reported directly to Kathy who held the position of Manager and later Director of our department. In this capacity, as my boss, Kathy was an amazing mentor and coach who took a genuine interest in seeing me grow and develop professionally. I always appreciated Kathy's honest feedback and encouragement along my path. For me, Kathy stands out as someone who has helped shape my career as she so selflessly gave her time and energy when she didn't have to -- for that, I will always be truly grateful!! Through those years, out of mutual respect and trust, Kathy and I also forged a beautiful friendship. On a personal level, Kathy has been an amazing friend and confidant, again, someone who truly cares about people. Anyone who is lucky enough to know Kathy like I do knows this to be true - I guarantee it!! Kathy also has one of the best senses of humor and knows how to bring a smile (but usually a laugh out loud) to anyone who needs it. There is no one I could recommend more as a Patient Advocate than Kathy -- she is truly a special person who is caring, positive and uplifting.

Janet Gioe

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