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Holidays are a popular time to schedule elective surgeries. Is this on your mind, too?

Makes sense that it would be! You may have downtime from work. Insurance benefits to use. Or, your deductible for the year has been covered. are a few other things you may want to factor in:

Holidays are when the most senior medical staff are rewarded with "first dibs" on time off.  Do you want your medical care to coincide with their self-care?

Have you had a 2nd opinion on the surgery? What would happen if you decided against it? Or pushed it off a little longer? Any treatment options besides surgery? 

Consider taking some time off of work or reshuffling your responsibilities if you and your doctor agree that surgery is needed before the new year. Any leftover vacation or sick days?

Try to schedule surgery mid-week. Why? Mondays are hectic! Fridays are favored by patients, but what if something goes wrong? Your doctor may be off for the weekend, covered by another who doesn't know you. Can't hurt to ask!

Finding this decision a bit overwhelming? Lots to consider at a time of year that may have lots of holiday activities... and holiday stresses!

Call on me if you'd like some help getting a 2nd opinion or sorting through your options. We are all about getting you the safest possible care with the least amount of stress!

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