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Never Pay the First Bill

Health and financial fitness are often linked. It's no secret that a serious health problem can be a serious threat to financial health.

But, did you know that...

•60% of bankruptcies are caused by medical debt?

•80% of all hospital bills have at least one error?

Just as concerning ...

People struggling to pay off medical bills tend to stop seeing their doctors in fear of more debt piling up. It’s not hard to imagine the consequences. Heartbreaking.

Consider this: “Never pay the first bill!”

The first time we heard these words of advice, they came from a doctor.

Then, by coincidence, noted health care journalist, Marshall Allen, wrote a book titled:

It’s great!

Just what everyone needs to know about how to spot medical billing errors – and how to get them removed!

We make this shameless pitch for Never Pay the First Bill because we never want people to stop getting health care! No one should suffer from a disease, and then, suffer the emotional and financial harm of crushing debt to treat it.

Pick up Never Pay the First Bill and sign up for Marshall’s FREE newsletter. Always super interesting and useful!

We’re here to help, too. You would be amazed by the amount of “fat” we’ve found in medical charges. Not fit for anyone!

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