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Medication mix-ups cause thousands of needless deaths every year in the US, alone!

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The World Health Organization is focusing on medication safety this year. Why? Medication mix-ups cause thousands of needless deaths every year in the US, alone! Let's keep you and your family safe! Keep these tips in mind. Look up every drug prescribed. Know what it is meant to treat and possible side effects. Have a conversation with your doctor if one of the meds prescribed is on one of these lists:

 The Beers List, if aged 65/plus

 For children, the KIDS list. 

Make sure your doctor knows ALL the medications you take, including any non-prescription

remedies you pick up at the drug store. Don't forget any recreational drugs...they will not judge you. Your doctor wants to make sure you won't suffer any bad interactions. 

If you can't afford your medications, tell your doctor. Though it may be tempting, don't skip any doses of an expensive medication to make it go further. Ask if there's something else that's more affordable. 

During a hospital stay, ask about all the medications you're given, but NOT while the nurse is

giving any medication to you. For safety, nurses must focus on The 5 Rights of medication


Right patient

Right drug

Right dose

Right route 

Right time


Keep these 5 in mind at home, too.

Create a system that helps you remember to take your medications the right way.  

Have a smartwatch or phone? Set up reminders! Days-of-the-week pill boxes are handy, too. Check out the App Store and ask your pharmacist for ideas. (Yes, it's that important to have a reliable system in place!)

Medication management can be overwhelming, especially when you have a new diagnosis, when your doctor switches your medications or if you've just been discharged from the hospital. Most medication errors occur during these critical times.

I am always happy to help If you're unsure of any medication details, or want another set of

eyes to review your medications – just to be on the safe side; Patient safety is an everyday commitment to me!

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